Namaste, World!

Lux Narayan
February 27, 2022
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And, hello again. I’m Lux Narayan, CEO & co-founder at

You’re getting this (debut) newsletter because our paths crossed sometime in the last year, and I genuinely believe you would be interested in our twice-a-month updates from our world of livestreaming, live events, the creator economy, and everything in between.

What do we do at StreamAlive?
Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth at least 25 pictures/sec depending on your fps.

So, here goes, with some help from the good folks with FLS Academy, an offshoot of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Freestyle Love Supreme

StreamAlive is currently available for YouTube Live and Microsoft Teams, and, fingers crossed, we’ll be testing our first cut of StreamAlive on Zoom in less than 12 hours at this free event on the creator economy.

In future newsletters, we’ll get even more granular with updating you on what’s cooking. For now, if you use YouTube Live, MS Teams, or Zoom with over 30 participants, and you’d like to amp up your audience engagement, you might be a fit for our private beta access. Do sign up.


As you may have deduced from watching the video above, a central thesis at is infusing fun or usefulness into everything we do. Most so, in our demos.

So, our demos aren’t exactly…demos.

They’re showcase events!

The first one of these led to the video above. And we plan to continue with this “educative and fun events” approach to showcasing StreamAlive.

The next one, Storytelling for Businesses by the inimitable Roshan Abbas (also a StreamAlive investor), will be on March 15. The event page isn’t fully ready yet but is open for signups - only for our newsletter crew (read, you).


Livestreams, along with live events are our raison d'etre, we felt it appropriate to wrap this debut edition of Live with StreamAlive with a livestream and our raison d'etre - aka our Origin Story

How StreamAlive came to be is a textbook example of serendipity - stemming from a creative experiment, a book, Seth Godin, and David Perell. More on that in our next newsletter in two weeks. Add us to your primary inbox to ensure you don’t miss it.

For now, this was unfortunately a livestream we were checking every day- till yesterday. It just went off-air :(

Stay well. Stay peaceful.

Lux & the StreamAlive crew.

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