Forget Storytelling. Think Storyselling.

Lux Narayan
March 17, 2022
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“Educate, entertain, or go home.”

It’s something we truly believe all companies need to do.

Even technology products. Especially technology products.

If there are two things you take from this fortnight’s newsletter, let it be this.

And this…

Our next showcase event is happening next week, on Tuesday. It’s on Zoom, and you’ll see audience inclusivity and interactivity on Zoom as you’ve never experienced before. That’s a promise from our fresh-off-the-oven Zoom version of StreamAlive.

You’ll also learn the art of storytelling from a master storyteller, Roshan Abbas. Google him to know why we’re so excited about StreamAlive Showcase Event #2 at 8 am EST / 5.30pm IST on March 22. Do Sign-Up ASAP.

Sign up now. Free but seats are limited

From the Leaks & Geeks department…

Last time around, I mentioned that I’d share a video on the StreamAlive origin story. Well, I have some audio for now - from a podcast that will be announced later today. It’s about our founding team/my startup journey and creating new categories of tech products - something we did at Unmetric, and are doing at StreamAlive.


We just ported over to Webflow and that was our primary focus from a content perspective for the last few weeks. We’re glad we did…

If you have anything to do with websites, consider Webflow (or something similar, like Ghost). We don’t have to bother our developers anymore for changing that one critical word of body copy that’s bugging us at 11:23pm on a Saturday.

Anyway, ping us if you want more insights into this, and to know of the amazing world of talented flat-fee Webflow and design agencies we discovered and now work with. Thanks to KP and DR for first introducing us to Webflow. Tech Founders in the house - do check out KP’s body of work on Building in Public; it guided some of our approaches to this newsletter.

Last SaaSy thing we’ll share: you probably know about PLG (Product Led Growth). Well, we’ve been beneficiaries of VLG (Visibility Led Growth) and are engineering for it. More on this in future issues. This. Is. Big. We truly think so.


StreamAlive was here

We’re kicking off a multi-format showcase on our new website. Don’t look yet. It’s rather bare right now but will be bursting with activity when we reconnect next. We’ll also capture instances where StreamAlive was spotted being used in this growing YouTube playlist. It includes examples like this lovely one by the Keith Speaking Academy, to who we recently had the pleasure of introducing StreamAlive.

(scrub around the video for at least two other instances of StreamAlive being used; gotta love Keith’s approach to education and interactivity)

I’d like to close by pointing you to the relief efforts being done by two amazing, and proudly Ukrainian companies we are fans of.

This newsletter was edited and polished with the help of Grammarly and we are fans of Restream for producing some of our own livestreams.

The links in the previous line go to both their Ukraine relief efforts pages respectively.

Give generously. Live gratefully.

Namaskaram (a longer version of Namaste)

Lux & the StreamAlive crew.

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