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StreamAlive Showcase: Roshan Abbas teaches story selling for your personal brand

Lux Narayan
May 9, 2022
 min read

Roshan Abbas uses the power of story selling to grow brands into household names.

A powerhouse in the agency world, Roshan also manages to recruit believers, make sales, create experiences, and build successful businesses. He's seen first-hand how stories can change lives.

As part of StreamAlive’s mission to educate and entertain, we invited Roshan to run a livestreamed workshop to teach story selling for businesses. The event saw hundreds of people from around the world log in to Zoom to catch Roshan talk about why storytelling in business is essential for branding and to capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

To find out exactly where everyone was tuning in from, Roshan started off with Magic Maps. Pins started dropping over towns and cities across the world, with a high concentration coming from South India. To keep things legible, Magic Maps groups geographically similar locations into a larger pin. Those individual locations are revealed by zooming in to the map.

Stories and business don’t sound like they would be a natural fit for each other, but as Roshan points out, there are many business (and political) leaders that are fantastic story tellers. To reinforce his point, he used Wonder Words and asked the audience to tell him which business and political leaders come to mind when they think of a story teller.

Asking this question in a live stream would normally result in an endless torrent of suggestions and make it difficult to see any clear winner. Wonder Words parsed the comments in milliseconds to create a word cloud from the audience’s answers. In this case, Trump—for better or worse—was identified as being a master story teller. 

Next up for audience participation was to have people describe themselves in three words. StreamAlive’s Wonder Words algorithm is able to parse multi-word descriptions and break them down into individual words, so someone calling themselves “intelligent, learner, performer” in a single chat message is broken down into the three attributes and added to the word cloud.

Throughout the live stream, Roshan uses Wonder Words to engage with the audience and find talking points. Without curating comments on the fly, so much audience participation would be lost.

To round out the workshop, we were keen to get the audience’s feedback on what they enjoyed about it. After all, learning from your audience’s feedback is the best way to improve your live streams.

In this case, the audience was asked which of three sections of the workshop (Billboard of You, Storytelling Hanger, and Hero’s Journey) they enjoyed the most. The Power Polls option was the perfect solution to poll the audience and make sense of what they thought. It turned out that the audience opinion was split almost equally three ways.

Watch the showcase below.

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