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StreamAlive Showcase: trustBS and AirLoom Beats bring the party to StreamAlive

Tina Lyngdoh
April 25, 2022
 min read

When writing fiction there is a saying: Show don’t tell. The best way to understand StreamAlive, even for those that have never watched a live stream in their life, is to see it in action and watch how it works in real time.

Instead of pulling out a white board and giving hypothetical situations, Lux brought in talented free-style rapper, BS and one-lady musical instrument, AirLoom Beats to show the world exactly what StreamAlive could do.

Dozens of Lux’s friends, family and well-wishers tuned in to hear BS first ask everyone where they were tuning in from. Asking where your viewers are tuning in from is one of the lowest barriers to getting engagement—no one has to think about their answer.

It didn’t take long for even the most tech-phobic of people to see their responses be instantly displayed on the map. As those who had never left a YouTube comment in their life saw what others were doing, they too got involved. Soon, the map was covered in pins showing the global nature of Lux’s network.

While viewers entered their location, BS used it for inspiration to greet and welcome people from different corners of the world. AirLoom Beats laid down her beats and looped her sounds and the party had got started.

Once people had seen that their comments translated into something magical happening on screen, BS asked the next question: What are you going to do to feel alive this year?

This open ended question used Wonder Words to create a word cloud from responses. Hundreds of answers came pouring in, but perhaps in a nod to the company that Lux keeps, the most popular answer on what people were planning to do to feel alive this year was… breathing.

The next question used Power Polls to ask the audience what kind of genre they wanted AirLoom Beats to create on the fly. There were multiple options, but by using their keypad the viewers quickly voted for AirLoom Beats to create a Rock song.

Overall, this 30-minute showcase introduced people who had never watched a live stream to how fun they could actually be.

Watch the full video below.

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