StreamAlive is an intersection of journeys…

The idea for StreamAlive first came when one of the founders, Lux Narayan, had a medical emergency in the family and took an extended break. This was around the time the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19. It was a surreal time.

Lux used his newfound “free time” to write a book called "Name, Place, Animal, Thing" - it had been in his head and in many scattered digital notes for many years. However, not knowing the first thing about publishing a book, he attended six courses on writing, editing, and marketing a book, all of which were delivered over a total of 56 livestreams on Zoom, YouTube Live, Google Meet, Hopin, and Facebook Live.

StreamAlive was born from the chats in those streams flying by faster than the eye could see, from 95% of the audience’s responses being ignored when they answered questions, from using clunky off-platform engagement tools and experiencing their limitations, and from presenters struggling to track, increase, and convert engagement.

StreamAlive is also an intersection of many individual journeys…

The co-founders go back a long away— some are classmates from decades ago at Engineering and Business school. They were previously part of the founding team at Unmetric (acquired by Cision / Platinum Equity). Some team members from Unmetric are also part of the StreamAlive team.

StreamAlive announced a pre-seed round of $1.53MM in Jan 2022. With an original target of $1MM, the round included some category-creator-friendly early stage firms like Speciale Invest, three world-renowned computer science professors at MIT, two CEOs at public companies, four CXOs at private tech unicorns, and experienced professionals and angel investors.

StreamAlive’s (unannounced) advisory board is multi-faceted and includes people who were instrumental in envisioning the “creator economy” well before it became a term.

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