Earn upto $237 per sale with StreamAlive’s affiliate programme

The average customer spends $468 for the Pro account. This earns affiliates $93 for every sale that they make. Refer 10 people in a month for any paid plan and we’ll boost your earnings with a performance bonus.

Why join the StreamAlive Affiliate program?

Earn recurring commission on monthly plans

Most of our paid users try out StreamAlive with a monthly plan. We’ll pay you 20% commission for the first 12 payments. If the user switches to an annual plan you’ll earn 20% on the first payment.

Monthly performance bonuses

We reward our top affiliates with 10 or more paid signups with cash bonuses to boost your earnings each month.

90 day cookies

We know that not everyone is ready to sign up for an account immediately which is why we offer our affiliates 90 day cookies so you can be rewarded for your work months after you sent the user to our website.

$25 minimum payout

Refer just one customer to the Basic plan and you'll meet the minimum payout. Once you’ve earned over $25, we’ll pay you at the end of the month. Payments are made via Wise.com and PayPal.com

Who can become an affiliate?

If you have traffic to your website or access to an audience on a third-party platform like Substack, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. then you can use the StreamAlive affiliate programme to earn commission for every user that you send us.

Content publishers

Promote StreamAlive on your website or newsletter.


Tell your audience about an amazing new tool you found.

Course creators & teachers

Let your students know that you recommend StreamAlive.


Use your marketing skills to promote StreamAlive to buyers.

Professional affiliate specialists

You know how to convert visitors into fat commissions.

Who uses StreamAlive?

Anyone who runs a webinar, online training session, or live event (online, offline, or hybrid!) can use StreamAlive to ludicrously increase their engagement.

YouTubers and livestreamers
Corporate Communications
Cultural Officers / HR
Coaches and trainers
Education and Universities
Event specialists
Conferences and events

Getting started is easy


Request to become an affiliate by filling out the contact form. We'll review and approve your application.


Use your unique affiliate link on your website, in your newsletter, and on your social profiles


We’ll confirm your affiliate commissions after 60 days and pay you at the end of each month

StreamAlive Affiliate Programme FAQs

Who manages the StreamAlive affiliate programme?

We use the FirstPromoter.com platform to manage our affiliates, commissions and payments. It’s a reliable affiliate platform trusted by thousands of companies and affiliates. It ensures affiliates get paid the commissions that they deserve with the use of accurate tracking and cookies.

How do I see how much commission I have earned?

When we approve your affiliate request we'll send you a link to the affiliate portal where you can manage your affiliate account, get your affiliate link, see how many leads and customers you have referred, and see how much commission you have earned.

Can I bid on StreamAlive branded keywords in the search engines?

No, affiliates are not allowed to bid on StreamAlive’s brand or any derivatives of StreamAlive’s brand. If we discover an affiliate has been bidding using a StreamAlive brand keyword then any commissions resulting from that traffic will be forfeited.

Can I use black-hat or morally questionable tactics to promote my affiliate link?

No. Only legitimate promotion methods may be used. You can promote to an audience you have built yourself and has agreed to receive promotional material from you. Anything that is deemed morally questionable such as renting email lists, cookie stuffing, spamming (email, commenting or social media), XSS injections on 3rd party websites, or anything else that is the result of manipulation.

Can I use the affiliate programme to refer myself?

No. That would fall under the morally questionable tactic 🙂

What if I refer a free user and they upgrade to a paid account later?

If you refer a free user who then upgrades their account to a paid plan, you will earn 20% commission on either the monthly recurring payment or the annual payment, depending on what the user selects.

I don’t have a website or an email list, can I still be an affiliate?

Yes, but it also depends. If you have an audience on a social media site you could promote your affiliate link to that audience. You can’t promote your affiliate link in forums and groups that you don’t own on social media sites (eg. You can’t post your affiliate link on Reddit, or in a group on LinkedIn).