StreamAlive - Ludicrously increase engagement on Zoom, Teams, YouTube Live | Product Hunt
StreamAlive - Ludicrously increase engagement on Zoom, Teams, YouTube Live | Product Hunt

I ❤️ a Disengaged Audience. Said No One, Ever.

I ❤️ a disengaged audience. Said no one, ever.

Ludicrously increase audience engagement in your YouTube livestreams.
Rouse the room in your webinars, courses, and other meetings on Zoom, Teams, etc.

Track, Increase, and Convert Engagement using StreamAlive.
Move your audience from bored-away to blown-away.
(and takes less than 2 mins)

Track, Increase, and Convert Audience Engagement

Track Engagement

Keep your finger on the pulse of your audience during an event. Later, track the highs & lows. Know what worked.

Increase Engagement

Get your audience's voice in real-time. Use our arsenal of chat-powered visual interactions to increase engagement.

Convert Engagement

Know who's engaged. In your last event. In your last three events. See who's ready to convert- to the next stage.

Increase Engagement through Visual Interactions

Ask your audience to simply type their responses in the Zoom, Teams, or YouTube chat. That’s all they need to do!

StreamAlive’s growing list of AI powered interactions read the native chat to recognize and map locations in real-time, show chat-fueled polls, create magical word-clouds,  automatically detect questions that participants ask, pick a winner,  and lots more…

Magic Maps

Bring your audience’s locations to life on a real-time map — as they put it in the chat

Wonder Words

Reflect your audience’s thoughts with real-time word-clouds— as they put it in the chat

Power Polls

Show dynamic polls that capture your audience’s choices—as they put it in the chat

Quick Questions

Ask participants to type questions and StreamAlive will magically capture it—as they put it in the chat

Coming Soon...

Transient Thoughts

Ask your audience to express their thoughts in the chat, and show them one-by-one

Winning Wheel

Add a bit of Vegas to your live event. Spin your participants' names to arrive at a winner

Pulsing Points

Let your audience play judge. Ask them to each give a 1-5 score to arrive at an average score

Group Games

Boost your session breaks with custom anagrams and other fun games for everyone to play

... and lots more to make your StreamAlive

(and takes less than 2 mins)
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