99% of town-halls and all-hands are simply monologues.

The other 1% use StreamAlive to have a dialogue.
In-person or online on Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc

It's not really an all-hands if everyone is just listening to one person talk. The solution is simple: less laking, and more listening.

Plan, Track, Increase, and Analyze team engagement

Include and engage your team through the native chat on Zoom, MS Teams, etc. For other platforms and in-person events, they can join a browser-based chat in seconds. It's fun, and ludicrously increases engagement.

Airrack made history by bringing together 12 of the biggest creators on YouTube to take part in an epic ping pong tournament

Airrack makes YouTube history
A new era of interactive YouTube Live game shows

Virtual facilitation guru, Gwyn Wansbrough uses StreamAlive to help others design and lead exceptional live virtual experiences.

Breakthrough facilitation with Gwyn
Cohort based class on Zoom by Gwyn Wansbrough

A talented freestyle rapper and beatboxer convert audience suggestions into live entertainment on YouTube.

Freestyle show by TrustBS & AirLoom
Audience-chat powered improv on YouTube

Multi-talented raconteur, Roshan Abbas, teaches techniques to harness the power of story selling for your personal brand.

Roshan Abbas teaches Storytelling
An interactive live workshop on Zoom

Tens of thousands of people from around the world looking to learn English or practice for their IELTS exams go to Keith

Keith Speaking Academy
YouTube Live classes for large audiences

Does an improv format with audience suggestions work online in a live session? Absolutely does with StreamAlive

Improv Comedy Mumbai
Zoom chat powered improv comedy

StreamAlive is used by teams of tens and thousands at startups, companies, and non profits across the world.

Take Audience Engagement to the next level

Mix slides & interactions. Create your unique Run of Show (RoS). 
The secret to great engagement? Talk less. Listen more.


Stunning  maps, polls, word clouds, thought bubbles, etc - powered by your audience


BYOD. Bring Your Own Deck. Mix interactions &  slides to create your own Run of Show.


Make as many "Run of Shows" as you want. Use  them as often as you'd like on any platform.


Need  inspiration? Use our templates for AMAs, Town Halls, Webinars, CBCs, gaming, etc

Track the real-time pulse of your audience during a live session.
Automatically pull questions, names, and more from the chat.


A dynamic  engagement meter shows you the temperature of the audience chat in real-time.

q&A reimagined

Ask your audience to  put their questions in  chat. Our talented algorithms will sniff it out.


Track who's chatting. Spin a wheel of names to reward lucky winners. (COMING SOON)


There's gold in the chat. Links to websites, podcasts, books, etc. We'll curate it (COMING SOON)

Increase engagement with live maps, polls, word clouds, thought bubbles, spinners, and a lot more. Make it fun for your audience.

Bring your audience’s locations to life on a real-time map — as they put it in the chat.

Reflect your audience’s thoughts with real-time word-clouds— as they put it in the chat

Show live polls that capture your audience’s choices—as they put it in the chat.


Transient Thoughts, Quick Questions, Choice Circle, etc. Yes, we love alliterations.

Analyze what worked. And, what didn't. Know who engaged,  what they said, and when. Export results, visuals, names, and more.


Get a list of active participants. See how often they participated and what they said.


Track the highs & lows of your session with a min-by-min chat graph. See what worked.


Bring back that map, poll, word cloud, questions, etc. Great content too for your socials.


Email detailed reports to yourself or anyone else to share how  engaging the session was.

Use StreamAlive in your next live session.

For free, and in less than 2 min.