Happy New Year, in advance

Lux Narayan
April 11, 2023
 min read

Happy New Year, in advance

Lux Narayan
April 11, 2023
 min read

Vaṇakkam (வணக்கம்) StreamAlivers!

The Tamil New Year is on April 14. Best wishes in advance.

Back to this month…

The last couple of weeks saw us get interviewed by John Chen of Engaging Virtual Meetings, and watch an ex-MTV presenter gets ideas for his future livestreams using Power Polls.


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In between all that, we also found time to discover the 10 ways to build a community in a live event, and release another brand new feature that lets hosts award prizes to their viewers.

Full details below


You (used to) play the guitar on MTV

We love seeing StreamAlive being used for exciting projects and we caught the “final test test test” broadcast from ex-MTV presenter, Ray Cokes. Over 1,000 people tuned in to the livestream where Ray made good use of various engagement features to find out what his community was thinking, and provided direction on future episodes.

Ray’s livestreams are a wonderful mix of humor, chaos, and audience participation. Subscribe to his channel here.

How to build a community in your live events

🖐 Hands up, how many of us have let our attention wander during a live event, meeting or webinar? I know I’m guilty of it. Your phone is right there with a new notification that’s desperate to be checked, you become obsessed with the cleanliness of your keyboard, and suddenly you remember that you’re really, really sleepy…

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve been on webinars where the host has held the attention of their attendees for an hour or more. The way they do it is to not drone on and on with a billion slides but make the entire session an interactive event.

Swethaa has studied these successful live events and pulled out 10 magical ways to build a community - even if it lasts 60 minutes or less - in your next live stream.

StreamAlive on Tour

Barely a week goes by without a livestreamer or podcast owner finding out about StreamAlive and inviting us on to their show to talk about the product. We love our users too!

This week John Chen from Engaging Virtual Meetings invited me to talk about my book (Name, Place, Animal, Thing), why answering the question “what do you do?” is so difficult, and how we came up with the idea for StreamAlive.

We might be stating the obvious, but it sounds like John Chen and StreamAlive are a match made in heaven ❤

That’s a winning feature!

Continuing our tradition of listening to our community and building out features based on user input, we’re pleased to announce that Winning Wheel is now available!

Just like in the old game show, Wheel of Fortune, the winning wheel contains a list of all the users on the webinar or livestream, the host spins it around and whoever name it lands on is picked as the winner.

This is a great way to reward viewers, but also lots of webinars (and bore-inars!) like to offer incentives to attendees to a) get them to join in the first place and b) get them to stick around to the end. The Winning Wheel is a transparent way to award prizes and keep people glued to the screen to see if they win.

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PS. Check out the new features coming in the next few weeks and months on our Roadmap and Release Summaries here.

And the next livestreaming integration is…

In our last newsletter we asked you to vote on which livestreaming platform you’d like us to integrate with next. Thanks to everyone who took a moment to vote, the winning platform is…

…drum roll…

Google Meet!

Our R&D team is busy working on this integration, and we’ll have something ready for you to try out in the next few weeks.

Things move fast at StreamAlive, but we try our hardest not to break things because no one needs a technical snag when you’re livestreaming to hundreds or thousands of people!

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