A unique tip we learned for running engaging webinars

Peter Claridge
November 16, 2023
 min read

A unique tip we learned for running engaging webinars

Peter Claridge
November 16, 2023
 min read

Last week we had Will Bachman join us for a #StreamAliveShowcase event. Over 400 people registered and 178 joined.

I’ll be honest, when Will started speaking I thought “Whoa, slow down!”

He was going at 100mph!

But then, look at this feedback he got after the event…


really fast

loved the fast overview

There were similar comments at the end of the webinar as well.

People LOVED the fast pace.

There were 38 slides in Will’s deck and he spoke for 59 minutes.

That’s an average of 1.5 minutes per slide.

What you’ll notice is that each slide is a painting (actually an AI-generated painting that Will created using Mid-Journey).

Each slide consisted of a concept around which Will spoke. And he didn’t dwell too long on the concept or go in-depth. He simply offered advice and moved on to the next concept.

It was a high-tempo, fast-paced session.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 slides or 100 slides. If you can keep the tempo high, present or teach a different concept for each slide, don’t dwell too long on each slide, and deliver value, people will stay tuned in.

…as this attendance chart shows.

The webinar peaked at 146 attendees and after 60 minutes over 120 were still glued to their seats.

This chart from the StreamAlive analytics page shows that engagement also remained high throughout the session.

The last interaction (using Transient Thoughts) asked the audience what they learned from the event.

It was the most popular interaction - 85 people offered their thoughts.

Usually by the end of a webinar people are either distracted by email, tuning out, or have dropped off.

With a combination of Will’s high-tempo presentation style, combined with StreamAlive’s audience engagement tools, the audience joined and stayed tuned in throughout the 60 minutes.

We’ll be sure to use these insights in our next webinar. What about you?

The recording is now on YouTube, so check out Will’s presentation style and how he used StreamAlive to engage his audience

Learn more about Will's company, Umbrex, which helps to connect businesses with the right management consultant.

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Featured image credit: Will Bachman 'commissioned' the Van Gogh painting using Mid-Journey and we think it looks awesome.