Welcome to the dark side

Lux Narayan
January 3, 2023
 min read

Welcome to the dark side

Lux Narayan
January 3, 2023
 min read

Dia dhuit StreamAlivians,

Hope 2023 already feels alive! Best wishes on this new journey around the sun, and here’s to building amazing things on Earth in the process.

Did you wonder where your StreamAlive newsletter had disappeared to? We have more excuses than we can count— more on that below. For now, here’s the brief rundown on the past, the present, and the future - in reverse order…

The Future

  • Look out for a rapid expansion of our library of audience interactions - entirely powered by user feedback! Some unreal stuff coming up that will help transform presenters to performers, and audiences to participants.
  • We’re kicking off our seed fundraise later in Jan - riding some amazing tailwinds from last quarter (more below)
  • We’re expanding our team in Shillong (was great meeting up last month)

The Present

  • Wondering what to do this Friday in the morning (EST) or evening (IST). Wonder no more. We’re guests of the Thousand Faces Club for a talk + workshop. We promise it will be fun. Register for free here.

Q4 2022

Gosh! What a rollercoaster quarter its been!

We had two forcing functions in December:

  1. a select deal we announced with Appsumo (following illustrious others like Dropbox, Intercom, and Hopin who also launched with Appsumo). With this, we now have over 150 paying customers and overloaded truckloads of amazing feedback!
  2. Usage at a couple of large in-person events including the TiE Global summit with 3000 attendees. Here’s StreamAlive capturing the audience’s opinions on the sessions in a dynamic wordcloud- on the two screens on either side

And here’s the audience participating on their phones…

Here’s the crazy thing - when we sent the last edition of this newsletter out, we had no semblance of an in-person app. Now we have a powerful, beautiful, and unique user experience for in-person events.

Thank you, forcing functions! Startups need fires to put out and deadlines to meet. We also decided to overhaul our app and website in anticipation of these milestones…

Why do programmers prefer dark mode?

Because light attracts bugs.

In all seriousness, though, it’s just easier on the eyes.

If you’ve checked out our website or used our application recently, you may have noticed our sleek new look. We think it looks much better, but we’d like to know what you think?

StreamAlive was here - meet some of our amazing users

(email us if you’d like to be featured here in future newsletters)

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New year resolution: be regular with this newsletter. Fingers crossed.


Lux & Team Alive.