How StreamAlive is solving the 'dead' online sessions problem

Lux Narayan
July 18, 2023
 min read

How StreamAlive is solving the 'dead' online sessions problem

Lux Narayan
July 18, 2023
 min read

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While most of us have become very good at running smooth and efficient virtual events over the last few years, there’s one problem that remains:

Many attendees still report that they feel unheard or unable to contribute in online event spaces.

This week Lux and Tina, co-founders of StreamAlive, spoke to Myriam Hadnes, founder of Workshops Work which helps businesses and people run better workshops online and offline.

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Topics covered during this podcast by Myriam, Tina, and Lux include:

  • Why facilitators can lean further into assistive tools — and why it’s so essential online
  • How to move from monologue to dialogue in an online world that defaults to the former
  • What we unlock when we visualize chat in ways beyond the typical scrolling sidebar
  • Why in-person meetings benefit from audience-to-audience interaction as much as online ones

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Livestream TL;DR

It’s been a busy week in the livestreaming space. Here’s a rundown of the stories we’ve been reading:

🗣️The most watched livestreams on Twitch and Youtube are not in English

If English is your primary language you might need reminding that there are more non-English viewers than English-speaking ones. This is illustrated in the top 20 most viewed livestreams on Twitch and YouTube—which are topped and dominated by non-English speaking streamers. (Sidenote: StreamAlive works with any language, including emojis!).

🛍️YouTube launches its first live shopping channel in South Korea

Keen to take a slice of the enormous live-shopping pie in the Asian markets (and arrest declining ad revenues), YouTube is launching its first official live shopping channel in South Korea with 40 brands on board. This is likely to be the first step in a wider roll-out later this year.

📺The ultimate guide to Facebook Live

This in-depth article by Hubspot covers everything you need to know about streaming on Facebook Live. It includes tips like broadcasting for at least 30 minutes to maximize viewership and mentioning people’s names when they leave comments.

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